Terri's Story

Dr. West on my first surgery left horrible scars, to reopen the incision and then they had to heal from inside out. This happened over and over again. Dr. West said that I was spitting sutures so he had to dig them out and I had to pack them with gauze and a special bleach solution. At this time I thought it was a normal process with this type of surgery.

The second surgery was to “clean” up the scars from the first surgery and remove excessive skin from my thighs and legs. The scars are much worse then the first surgery. I was horrified that he had done liposuction on my thighs, when I awoke after. I didn’t know why I had small dots all over my upper legs. I was in extreme pain, very swollen and very bruised. When I saw what was done to my legs, Dr. West said that the incision would heal and he was happy with how everything looked. He could not explain why I had a large gash on my right leg.

Again he had to dig out sutures on my legs and stomach and back. Several times he had to put me on antibiotics because it looked infected. He did a culture on some of the openings but never told me what the results were.

My young daughter went with me to an appointment and saw Dr. West without any numbing dug out sutures. This has left me with large scars on my legs, stomach and back. I have stayed the same weight so there is no reason my skin should be hanging to where I’m embarrassed to wear shorts because people stare. Dr. West did not take care of the hanging skin, but I have scars that are ugly and red, that don’t get any better. Dr. West said the scars would lighten but they have not. I still have numbing in all the scars. My legs swell since surgery and I am now on water pills. I have a very difficult time finding clothes that get because of loose skin and the swelling in my calves of my legs.

Dr. West told me he was trained for a new procedure regarding my thighs and legs but it looks like he did not know what he was doing. The numbing is very bothersome and very uncomfortable especially in the summertime. He also said he could save my belly button but (1) week after surgery, in his office, he said it died and dug it out.

Today, my legs are so heavy that my back is always in pain. I have to have something done to correct what Dr. West did, but I’m so scared of the pain, infection and scarring.


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