Darlene DS's Story

­Good Afternoon,

I was a patient of Dr. West in early 2001. I was referred to him by our then primary care physician for a leg ulcer repair.

I had a muscle flap surgery done by him in early 2001. The ordeal with my then primary care physician is another story. The doctor I reported to our health provider, Healthnet, who took action against the man. My primary care was located on Scripps Drive and so was Dr. West before he was fired. I really did not understand why a plastic surgeon but at this time my leg was grossly infected and I had large red bands around the area and a line going up my leg. Two days after I had the muscle flap surgery by West, the stitches snapped inside and I was back to where I began. I went back to West and he told me that he had already discounted his fee to do the surgery and he could no longer assist me. Bottom line, I ended up having to go through 36 treatments at Mercy San Juan Hospital in the oxygen chamber unit. 5 days a week and 3 hours each time. To this day my leg has never been the same. I have to wear protective covering around the wound when I do outside activities etc. Just one of the daily facts of my life... My health has never been the same since then and I continue to have health issues. Needless to say, my scarring and pain is nothing compared to the other people.

It is my desire to help in anyway to this man never hurts another person. He is a criminal and should be held accountable for his actions. I wonder how many people he ruined were HMO patients or PPO patients. I was an HMO person and perhaps he knew that he should just leave me alone and wait for the next victim who would be easier prey.

Thank you for your time and all the work you have done. I am certain there will be many people who will be saved from the doctor because of you.


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