Tina Minasian's Story

I went in for a tummy tuck consultation in 2001 and later in 2002 for further consultation. During this time, I consulted with Dr. West again about the tummy tuck and he decided that a total body lift, a more complex procedure was best for me. He stated a tummy tuck will not leave me with an hour glass figure. He said the tummy tuck will leave me with a box like figure. To make a long story short, I went ahead with the surgery because I believed and trusted Dr. West’s opinion; especially, because he was a doctor, the expert. The body lift operation was a total abomination and mutilation of my body. He cut me around my entire waist line, like a tree trunk. The stitches were extremely, extremely tight, I could barely move. Experts have said that I was never a candidate for the surgery to begin with. This surgery is for people that have had gastric bypass surgery or weight loss of over 100 lbs. or more.

After learning West closed his practice literally within 4 months after my surgery, I panicked and called every attorney in the Sacramento yellow pages until someone would listen to my story. Finally after a year, an attorney took my case. I learned that Dr. West was abusing alcohol, had financial problems, filed for bankruptcy, had several medical malpractice lawsuits filed against him, and he was dealing with a former fiancé who had hired a hit man to kill him.

I had thought that by filing a lawsuit with the expectation that the Medical Board would be notified but I was wrong. The board is supposedly only notified if a plaintiff settles or gets a judgment for more than $29,999. This is the magical number. If you settle for more than this amount the superior court clerk is suppose to notify the Medical Board but like I found out, many clerks failed to do this and so the board would not know. Knowing this, I filed a medical complaint with the Medical Board of California and their expert found that Dr. West was grossly negligent with the surgery he performed on me. They also said as of September 2006 Dr. West had 5 cases of extreme departure (gross negligence) and is currently under investigation again. I am appalled that he has the gall to continue to operate given all of us who have been infected and disfigured.

I hope and pray that the Medical Board of California finally revokes Dr. Brian R. West’s license (like they should have) and never ever let him hurt another person again. Like Becky Anderson said "He should never be able to practice medicine again, let alone diagnose a sore throat. He shouldn’t be able to practice on us like ginnie pigs. He shouldn’t be able to practice any type of medicine.” And like the Medical expert said, “He just doesn’t have the technical skills that a surgeon should have in his field. You just cannot go and take a weekend seminar or class and come back an expert in that field. It takes years of practice and education."


At 5/02/2007 10:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Tina,
I know this may be hard to believe but I would be happy to look like you. I look like I have been attacked by a bear, shark and then set on fire. All due to a tummy tuck I was seen by a doctor in Santa Rosa. I have been told I may have to have tissue expaders for up to two years and then have surgery. I am a emotional wreck. My tt was 3/22/06.
An expert witness says I have a slam dunk case. I just hope I can get through this.

At 5/28/2007 12:37 AM, Blogger medicalcomplaint said...

Dear Patient from Santa Rosa,

Please contact Tina, she has information that may be extremely helpful for you.


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