Questions to Ask Before You Have Plastic Surgery

Here’s a list of questions to ask your doctor before you have plastic surgery:

  • Gather names of plastic surgeons from friends or your local medical society
  • Go to your county court house or website and check Civil and Criminal Records to see how many times he or she has been sued, or arrested.
  • Check with the state medical board website to make sure the doctors are in good standing. Log on to the state medical board's public document search to find out.
  • Meet with the doctors and ask questions
  • Is he or she "Board Certified", which means they have received specific training in the field in which they work? Confirm the information with the society, and ask how one becomes certified.
  • How many times has the doctor performed the particular procedure?
  • When was the last time the doctor performed that operation?
  • See pictures of other patients who went through similar procedures.
  • Research the procedure yourself
  • Weigh the risk vs. the benefits


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