Medi-Cal Fraud

Ever since Pres. Clinton passed the bill regarding breast cancer patients being able to get reconstruction surgery through Medi-Cal, alot of these plastic surgeons have gone to town with performing multiple surgeries on these women, whether they needed it or not. West performed multiple surgeries on the same women and billed Medi-Cal for it. You would think Medi-Cal would have caught this fraud! In Becky's case the judge forced West to pay back Medi-Cal but that was only one case. How many more do you think there could have been or are still out there? He's operating again in Beverly Hills, do you think maybe he's doing the same thing down there that he did in Roseville? Since West filed bankruptcy against Medi-Cal, he wouldn't be able to file bankruptcy against them a second time if he's caught with Medi-Cal Fraud. By the way, why did West file for bankruptcy against the very entity that paid him, handsomely at that? I honestly believe West is not an isolated case, these plastic surgeons have taken advantage of these Medi-Cal recipients and used them as money making machines with all the unnecessary surgeries and Medi-Cal never questioned these doctors.


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