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April 17, 2008
My sister, Becky would be surprised to know that she made a difference. Beck, we miss you more than we knew we would...and we thought we would miss you a lot. Our lives will never be the same for having you in our lives.....love, Sherry
Sherry Bural (Portland, OR)

Honoring Becky Anderson

When my friend and fellow advocate, Tina Minasian, first shared Becky’s story with me, I was so touched by Becky’s strength. She showed so much courage in her battle with cancer and complications from multiple surgeries. She fought the good fight not only for herself and her family but for countless numbers of people she never met. She so courageously came forward with her story and allowed us advocates to continue to share her story with the hope of helping others. She had every right to battle her illness out of the public light but she was too good of a soul to do that. She wanted to be the public image of the issue that her story brought to light in the State of California with the intention of protecting the public.

On behalf of the patient advocates across the State of California, I would like to thank Becky Anderson along with Linda Starr, Ken Mikulecky and of course Tina Minasian, for allowing their stories to become the foundation of what laid the groundwork for the battle for the rights of patients in California. I never had the honor of meeting Becky but I felt like I knew her. Tina Minasian, Janet Mitchell and I will continue the fight for patients rights in the State of California in memory of Becky, Sharon and my late fiancé.

Thanks to Becky’s grace and courage, positive change for patients rights has been made and will continue to be made in her honor.

In her memory,
Michele Monserratt-Ramos

April 12, 2008
Ms. Becky Anderson lived a life of activism few have understood in the past. She inspired me, the life she lived will now inspire more--that is just what the doctor ordered. Thank you Becky. Joseph A. Mungai (Elgin, IL)

April 12, 2008
Becky planned to be busy once she made her grand entrance into heaven. First she said she was going to embrace her Lord, and then she said she was going to have a meeting to discuss some business--asking God to take care of a few things. I believe Becky then planned to spend the rest of her time dancing, celebrating, and worshiping her God. Becky's life and her eternal life have a will make a difference. She will be missed, but only for a time. I know that I will one day see Becky again. Until then ...
Janet Mitchell (Orange, CA)

April 11, 2008
I too had never personally met Becky but felt I had because I'd heard so many things about her from her loving sister Sherry. Especially how she battled her illness so hard the last couple years with courage and dignity. Someone already said Becky fought many battles during her short life but I know she also had to make some tough choices which most of us never have to make. One of those choices allowed her birth son Nate to be in our lives here in Portland and be my son Zacks best friend since he was 6 months old. Thank you for that gift Becky. You impacted more lives in Portland then you probably ever realized. I'm sure you're already singing in the choir of angels.
Jeff Gage (Portland, OR)

April 11, 2008
My thoughts and prayers are with everyone that was in the blessed circle of Becky's life. May our memories of Becky's Laughter and uplifting spirit she bestole on everyone's heart she touched, bring everyone the comfort we all need at this time in our lives. Rest in the arms of Angels Dear Becky. Vicky Martin (Sacramento, CA)

April 10, 2008
I only knew of Becky through my good friend, Tina Minasian. Through Tina, I learned what a brave and wonderful person Becky Anderson was...a true inspiration to those who were fortunate enough to be a part of her life. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of her family and friends. Leslie Hilliard (Sacramento, CA)

April 10, 2008
My Dearest Becky--I`ve been thinking about you daily for quite sometime--then found you had passed--know you are at peace with the angels-your warnth-smile-and that beautiful melodious voice will always be in my memory--you fought many battles during your short time here-yet were always there when needed for others needing help!I know you saved this life. My condolences to your dad-sister`s-children-and grandchildren. Love Always-Betty Viegas Matczok and family. Betty viegas-matczok (sacramento, CA)

April 10, 2008
A bright and shining light that will never fade. Darlene DeSoza (Citrus Heights, CA)

April 9, 2008
I extend my deepest condolences to Becky's family and dear friends. Becky's courage, determination, and strength will always be an inspiration to those who knew and loved her. Becky was a lady with incredible wit & humor, and she brought love and laughter to everyone around her. Becky's battle is over, but her spirit will forever remain in our hearts.
Linda Osborne (Grantsville, UT)

April 9, 2008
I never met Becky, but through her dear Friend Tina, I felt I had come to know her in many ways. Tina explained to me what a wonderful person Becky was and I know that Tina loved her a great deal. And of course her family is enduring a great loss. But people like Becky, in spite of losing the fight for life, give all they have to make things better when they are alive. She will be remembered I'm sure for all the good things she had done, and for having courage in adversity. She is a positive example for us all. I know that many will miss her greatly.
Lorin Jones (NM)

April 9, 2008
I miss you deeply but I will remember you forever. You inspired me from the day we met. You were my Angel, a wonderful friend and warrior. You fought a good fight and now you will be crowned. Thank you for making a difference in this world. Tina Minasian

April 9, 2008
I only met Becky a few times but they were special times. My condolences go out to the family at this very difficult time. Becky fought a very difficult battle with a grace that many do not show. She will be missed. Geri Royer (Sacramento, CA)

April 9, 2008
Becky was an amazing woman, and I am happy I had the chance to know her! We will miss her!
Candice Webb (Sacramento, CA)


At 8/21/2008 9:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Becky was my grandma and i will miss her so much. more than i ever thought i would. I miss her great smile, I miss her great attitude toward life, and most of all i miss her calling me into her bedroom just to sit with her and watch hours, and hours of CSI and Law And Order. Everyone who was ever lucky enough to be near her misses her and I LOVE HER

Dilan Hall


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